Born in Sri Lanka into a family of talented artists, Kevin didn't start painting until late in his career. His formal education was in economics and he worked in the computer software industry until prolonged unemployment afforded a serendipitous realization for his innate talent and potential as an artist. Kevinís view of the world is influenced by his upbringing in Sri Lanka and the beliefs upon which he was raised. It is this contemplative view that he continuously incorporates into his process and ultimately his work. Having lived in the U.S. for most of his adult life, Kevinís work reflects the new world around him while paying homage to his foreign roots.

Kevin's paintings explore the "unguarded moment" within a subjects life, evoking a soulful connectivity with the viewer. His exploration of color and manipulation of light join forces to optimally capture the human element of a situation. The paintings encourage the viewer to engage with the subject thereby absorbing the full range of intended emotions. With each composition, the artist creates a tranquil environment that enables the emotional energy of the piece to emerge.

Kevin's paintings hang in private collections across the US. His work has been featured in the San Francisco Magazine and The Daily News (Sri Lanka).